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Peace Dove on Lapis Stone

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by David Jacobson
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This hot-sculpted bird sits on a blown glass rock. The bird is formed from bits of white glass, called frit. By pulling and cutting the molten glass, the bits of white glass stretch in varying amounts giving depth and movement to the shape. It is then encased in clear crystal for its brilliance.

The rock is formed by first rolling the molten glass in blue frit, and then black and white bits of frit. The rock is then blown out into its shape. The artist manipulates the rock by swinging it, squeezing it with paper, and flattening with a wood paddle to get the desired shape. After cooling, the rock is sandblasted to give it a matte finish so it is more rock-like in appearance.

The bird is then adhered to the rock in the pose that the artist deems best. He likes making the bird look like it has either just landed, or is about to take off. He also matches the design of the bird with the design of the rock so the two objects can flow together visually.

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