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Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Susan Bloch
Two majestic faces carved in glass offer tranquility to the viewer. The two joined heads frame a triangular space. With closed eyes, the converging energy radiates upward. The polished surfaces radiate light while the varied shades control it. Shadows dance on the table top as the sun passes through. Sand-carving and polishing create the varied effects in the work. Hand maneuvering varied points/ polishers and grits over glass creates the surfaces. Further refining with engraving tools enhances the effects. The smooth glass surface is the front. The back reveals the carved depth, and sensuous quality of the etched glass. The glass used is starphire, a high-quality, ultra-clear glass. The base is extruded aluminum with hard anodized brushed black finish. It has precision molded hard plastic end caps with black felt applied to the glass slot and the bottom.

Clean the glass with a cotton lint-free or microfiber cloth. Warm water or rubbing alcohol is best. For best maintenance, avoid placing hands and fingers on the etched surfaces.