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Multi-Blue Striped Bowl

Art Glass Bowl

Created by David Jacobson
This is a one-of-a-Kind, fused glass bowl. Jacobson starts out by making all of the glass canes, which are the rods of colored glass. He selects the colored glass he wants to use, and with the help of his assistant, stretches long strands of the colored glass across the studio. Most strands (called canes) are up to 20 feet long. Once cooled, the artist cuts the cane into the lengths that he needs to make the platter. He then hand lays each individual cane onto the kiln shelf in an circular shape. He fuses these canes into one, large flat disk. When cool, he then places this disk onto a mold in the shape of this bowl. He brings the kiln up to just the right temperature so the glass disk softens, and slumps into the mold. The next day, when room temperature, he removes the bowl, and then sandblasts the surface, to give it a soft, muted surface. For decorative use only.