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Clownfish School

Art Glass Bowl

Created by Richard G. Berent
The artist, an avid snorkeler, loves the clownfish! Its bright orange and white coloration puts a smile on any face. The color band placed in the bowl is reminiscent of the beautiful fish riding a current.

Color and composition is a thoughtful process, the glass assembled like puzzle pieces. Often the kiln works an unintended magic of its own. Each piece is kiln-fired, several times including a final slumping process to shape the bowl. The color band incorporated into the bowl requires special cutting, separate kiln firings and cold work before being incorporated into the general design of the piece. The wide banded bowl edge requires an artist-specialty cold working process all its own.

The clownfish school piece communicates the joy of these fish gracefully swimming in the beautiful peace of shallow seas.

This bowl is designed to be both decorative and functional and meant to be used and enjoyed. This bowl is food safe, not safe for microwave or oven use. Hand wash with mild soap and warm water.

Each bowl is unique and exact dimensions, patterning and color blending may vary slightly. Signed by artist on bottom.

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