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Vedauwoo No.79

Acrylic Painting

Created by Chris Wheeler
Vedauwoo is a region located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, 30 miles north of the artist's home in Fort Collins, CO. The rocky outcrop of large stacked rock granite formations rocks are the inspiration behind the cut paper shapes. Large blocks of weathered Sherman granite primarily composed of crystalline fragments of quartz and feldspar. They are grouped together in large granite towers formed by stacks of huge rectangular blocks that have been rounded by windblown sand. The geometric shapes with rounded edges of the collage mimic the stacked rock formations. The texturing and layering of paper creates a sensation that is highly complex and provocative. Colors are drawn from the sand, sky and trees. The handmade paper is stretched and textured with medium body acrylics. Each piece is hand cut and glued with wheat paste.

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