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Acrylic Painting

Created by Cassandra Tondro
From inception to completion, this one-of-a-kind painting is created with great care and attention to detail.

Tondro starts with an idea - a feeling she wants to express, a color palette she sees in nature, or a vision that comes to her out of the blue. The paint is poured over scrunched up canvas in rich layers of color and she watches to see what develops. It's the process of experimentation and discovery that intrigues her. Rather than trying to control the process, she lets serendipity play a part and work with the results.

Each piece is executed with an experienced eye for design and an emphasis on harmony and balance. The canvas is intentionally wrinkled in the process, and the set-in wrinkles add texture and depth to the art. The striking patterns in the finished paintings often resemble animals, insects, people and plants.

When dry, the painting is stretched with the design wrapping around the sides, so it can be hung with or without a frame.

Sustainability is an important part of Tondro's artistic practice, and this painting was created using repurposed leftover house paint that would otherwise go to waste.

Signed by the artist on the back. Wired and ready to hang.

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