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Celebration in Nine
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 4,726
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 140 - $ 500
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 125
Iridescent Feathers
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 110 - $ 420
Tranquility TTS
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 3,950

Wall Sculpture

All sculpture is three-dimensional, but beyond that, it's as diverse as the artists who create it. Today's finest North American sculpture artists create a stunning variety of wall sculpture from glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and other materials. Hang it on your wall to add creativity and beauty to your home. Shop all artist-made sculpture.

New Arrivals

What's new at Artful Home? North America's finest artists are constantly creating beautiful new artwork, home decor, gifts, jewelry, and apparel for your home and wardrobe—and there's always something stunning to be found.