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Carved Fish
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 300
Bees and Birds
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 900
Mako Shark in Black
Wood & Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 740
Connections Series: Bee
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 60
Wood & Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 820
Grand Moule in Black
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 1,310
Seahorse I
Metal Wall Art

$ 2,450
Horse Looking Behind
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 50
Fish I
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 3,050
Cave Painting Tile, Beauty Mark by Jeri Hollister (Ceramic Wall Sculpture)
Cave Painting Tile, Beauty Mark
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Sold Out

Wall Sculpture

All sculpture is three-dimensional, but beyond that, it's as diverse as the artists who create it. Today's finest North American sculpture artists create a stunning variety of wall sculpture from glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and other materials. Hang it on your wall to add creativity and beauty to your home. Shop all artist-made sculpture.