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Willow Leaf
Mosaic Mirror

$ 1,200
Round Bird Feeder
Ceramic Bird Feeder

$ 105
Ceramic Box

$ 178
Bird and Cherries Bottle
Art Glass Perfume Bottle

$ 330
Resting Spot
Ceramic Teapot

$ 298
Afton Mountain
Art Glass Vase

$ 300
Wood Mirror

$ 3,650 - $ 3,950
Ceramic Teapot

$ 298
Autumn Leaves
Ceramic Vessel

$ 350
Autumn Crow
Ceramic Platter

$ 450
Owl Box
Ceramic Box

$ 180
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 150
Gilded Luxe Feather Pillow
Velvet Pillow

$ 145 - $ 165
Raven Oak Vessel
Ceramic Vessel

$ 1,500
Bird Perfume Bottles
Art Glass Perfume Bottles

$ 330 - $ 1,295
Fern Leaf Bird House
Ceramic Birdhouse

$ 105
Fall Favorite
Fiber Pillow

$ 275
Cardinal Couple by Chris Pantos (Art Glass Perfume Bottle)
Cardinal Couple
Art Glass Perfume Bottle

Sold Out
Sing by Laura Peery (Ceramic Teapot)
Ceramic Teapot

Sold Out
Summer Beauty Bird Teapot by Lilia Venier (Ceramic Teapot)
Barn Owl Perfume Bottle by Chris Pantos (Art Glass Perfume Bottle)
Barn Owl Perfume Bottle
Art Glass Perfume Bottle

Sold Out

Objects & Decor

The most familiar of household objects are transformed by the touch of an artist. Explore this diverse collection of home accents, from clocks, mirrors, and baskets to handmade pillows, and discover art meant to be lived with.