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Beehive Ring
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 3,700 - $ 4,250
Reflected Light Ring
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 3,600
Green & Yellow Band
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 2,500
18k Gold Ice Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Rings

$ 3,090 - $ 3,490
Small Ovals Band with Diamonds
Gold & Stone Wedding Band

$ 3,950
Hadid Ring
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 2,580
Nesting Diamond Bands
Gold & Stone Ring

$ 3,660


Shop unique bands and rings created by the finest North American jewelry artists from gold, silver, pearls, diamonds, gemstones, and other materials. From handcrafted wedding and engagement bands to elegant everyday rings, each distinctive piece showcases the skills of North American jewelry artists while making a statement. Shop artist-made bands and rings for yourself or find the perfect gift.