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Dutch Landscape
Mosaic Wall Sculpture

$ 4,150
$ 3,320
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 196
$ 156.80
Rain in Nine Panels
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 3,820
$ 3,056
Small Shell Sculpture
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 295
$ 236
Marine Refuge I
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 200
$ 160
Beached Triptych
Art Glass Wall Sculpture

$ 5,400
$ 4,320
Marina Refuge II by Alicia Kelemen (Art Glass Sculpture)
Marina Refuge II
Art Glass Sculpture


Art Glass Sculpture

Today's finest North American glass artists transform colorful, molten glass into a diverse array of art glass sculpture. These works of glass art may be blown, lampworked, flameworked, or fused to create pieces that add creativity and beauty to your home. For other sculptures in a variety of disciplines, shop our complete art sculpture collection.