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Connections Series: Bee
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 60
Horse Looking Behind
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 50
Cave Painting Tile, Beauty Mark by Jeri Hollister (Ceramic Wall Sculpture)
Cave Painting Tile, Beauty Mark
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Sold Out

Ceramic Sculpture

Today's finest North American cearmic artists transform porcelain, stoneware, and earthenware clay into a diverse array of ceramic sculpture. These works of ceramic art may be wheel thrown or hand built, then kiln fired, pit fired, or fired using raku techniques to create pieces that add creativity and beauty to your home. For other sculptures in a variety of disciplines, shop our complete art sculpture collection.

Wall Sculpture

All sculpture is three-dimensional, but beyond that, it's as diverse as the artists who create it. Today's finest North American sculpture artists create a stunning variety of wall sculpture from glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and other materials. Hang it on your wall to add creativity and beauty to your home. Shop all artist-made sculpture.