Michael Williams

WilliamsImage LLC

"My photography is powered by sweat and joy. Perhaps it can remind us of the delicate and powerful nature of our land and ourselves. "

Michael Williams believes that his photography can tell a story--sometimes his own story, but mostly the story of the beautiful land and people around him. With simplicity and grace, he turns his camera towards the human form and the remarkable landscapes of the Himalayas and the Sierras, from the soft meadows and snowy trees to the steep hills and exhilarating descents. He hopes to transport and even transform the viewer through his work.

Williams uses digital and medium format cameras and transparency film. He scans his images on a high-quality Hasselblad scanner, then uses a wide format Epson printer with Ultrachrome inks and Epson Luster paper to create museum-grade, archival prints.

Williams attended Sonoma State College, where he nearly completed his teaching credentials before overseas travel took him away. After traveling and photographing in the Himalayas, he worked as a backcountry winter ranger in Yosemite. He also owned Albany Arts Gallery in the Bay Area for 21 years, during which time he became a Master Printer and photography instructor.