Wes Walsworth

"I aim to create original designs that are different from anything else. I enjoy using reclaimed materials; there is so much beauty found in woods that were once something else, and this re-birthing process excites me. I also enjoy the challenge of creating designs that are simple yet intriguing. Everything I have designed has been imagined in my mind, then put on paper, and then created in my shop. "

Walsworth's work is a balance of rustic and modern. He combines the inspiration of reclaimed woods with modern design to form the basis of many of his pieces. Adding steel to the design lends the rustic wood a modern feel. This juxtaposition leads to a pleasant aesthetic that suits many environments.

Every piece Walsworth creates is handcrafted with special attention to detail. Walsworth has several signature details that set his work apart and are not seen anywhere else. He works out of an old shop, and all of his basic tools were passed down to him by his father and grandfather.

As a third-generation woodworker, Walsworth grew up learning from his father, who built custom homes in Sun Valley, Idaho. Walsworth learned the trade of finish carpentry at a young age, then went on to build high-end guitars for Taylor Guitars. He is also an accomplished musician and songwriter, skills that lend themselves well to the creativity associated with fine furniture design.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Ketchum Arts Festival, Sun Valley , Idaho, 2009-2012