Vilma Mare

Vilma Mare Baltic Style

"As a designer, I am concerned with a noble woman's portrait. I want to offer her serene, thoughtful, authentic pieces that reflect her modernity as well as our feminine, deep-rooted, sometimes mythic sensibilities. "

For over two decades, fashion designer Vilma Mare has been living between two cultures and continents: her native Lithuania and her home in the USA. Vilma Mare's original style developed by studying her own origin: Baltic indigenous culture and mythology. Transforming the surface decor of Iron Age artifacts into boiled wool fabric, she invented a texturized sartorial technique that led to new fashion aesthetics.

Vilma Mare's designs are created using knit and felted fabrics made from natural fibers. Her designs feature rhythmic lines, rich textures, exposed and raw seams, and stitching and gathering details. Her textural techniques result in a perfect fit with an architectural look and feel.

Born Vilma Marija Naujikaite in the Baltic region of Eastern Europe, designer Vilma Mare received a BA in fashion design from Kaunas Art College in Lithuania. She came to the USA from Lithuania in 1989, soon after the Berlin Wall was down. In the USA, she continued her studies at New York's Fashion Institute of Technology. Mare has shown in galleries around the world, including France, Lithuania, and New York City.