Victoria Moore

"My work is about sensitive forms and the delicate lines that move through them. Craftsmanship and attention to details are vital to the completion of each piece."

Metalsmith Victoria Moore works primarily in steel to create exquisitely patterned jewelry. The expected application of steel as a macho structural material inspires her to rebel against that expectation to create forms and surfaces from steel and other metals that are personal, feminine, soft and tactile.

Victoria Moore's core technique is Damascus steel, a layered steel that has origins in Middle Eastern sword-making from 1100 to 1700 AD. The layered metal is made from alternating layers of steel and iron that are forged together and uniquely patterned by carving and flattening. The movement of the patterned line within each forged piece is important to the development of each shape. Gold and diamonds highlight the movement of the line.

Victoria has a MFA in metal smithing from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BA from the University of Maryland, concentrating in sculpture. Starting with a childhood of making things Moore has devoted her life to hand made creations, never without some object in progress.

Bar Studs
Gold & Steel Earrings

$ 130 - $ 300
Square Studs with Teal Diamond
Gold, Steel & Stone Earring

$ 160 - $ 320
Damascus Steel & Amethyst Ring
Gold, Steel & Stone Ring

$ 2,100
Big Poppy Ring
Gold, Steel & Stone Ring

$ 2,100
2 Ends Come Together Ring
Gold, Steel & Stone Ring

$ 2,050
Drop Earrings with Tanzanite
Gold, Steel & Stone Earrings

$ 650
Rectangle Hoop Earrings
Gold & Steel Earrings

$ 380
Loopy Hoops Earrings
Gold & Steel Earrings

$ 210 - $ 280
3 Bunch Necklace
Gold & Steel Necklace

$ 5,800
Walk of Pavers
Gold & Steel Earrings

$ 1,160
Sea Floor Cuff Links
Gold, Stone, & Steel Cuff Links

$ 680
Galaxy Hoops
Gold, Stone & Steel Earrings

$ 820
X Triangle Dangle Earrings
Gold, Steel & Diamond Earrings

$ 960
Galaxy Ring
Gold, Diamond & Steel Ring

$ 1,950
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Baltimore ACC Craft Show, Inner Harbor Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, 2009, 2008, 2007
Smithsonian Craft Show, National Building Museum, Washington, D.C., 2005,1999