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Tracy Glover

"Glassblowing is a magical process."

It might have been while Tracy Glover was appearing and disappearing from glass boxes that she fell in love with the magic of glass. After a short career as a levitating, psychic numerologist and magician's assistant, Glover decided to focus on the centuries-old art of glassblowing.

Inspired be everything from 1960s minimalist design to antique apothecary bottles to ornate Venetian glass, Glover's utilitarian lamps, vases, bowls, and candlesticks highlight the translucence and plasticity of glass. Glover uses traditional Italian techniques to craft her exuberant glassworks. Each piece is handblown in her Pawtucket, Rhode Island, studio.

Tracy Glover received a glassmaking BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. She honed her craft in a 13th century Belgian convent's crystal factory and Dale Chihuly's Pilchuck Glass School, where she was mentored by Venetian maestri-in-residence.

Bocce Budvase
Art Glass Vase

$ 210
$ 168
Chance Vase
Art Glass Vase

$ 224
$ 179.20
Bead Bud Vase - Single Globe
Art Glass Vase

$ 133
$ 106.40
Bead Bud Vase - Teardrop
Art Glass Sculpture

$ 150 - $ 163
$ 120 - $ 130.40
Large Flower Pendant
Art Glass Pendant Lamp

$ 2,148
$ 1,718.40
Teardrop Pendant
Art Glass Pendant Lamp

$ 872
$ 697.60
Teardrop Table Lamp
Art Glass Table Lamp

$ 892
$ 713.60
Tourmaline Primavera Marquise Floor Lamp
Art Glass Floor Lamp

$ 1,540
$ 1,232
Flower Pendant
Art Glass Pendant Lamp

$ 1,722
$ 1,377.60
Barrel Vase
Art Glass Vase

$ 325
$ 260