Teresa Cox

"My paintings are a vibrant dialogue between the natural world that we know and an invented space that re-imagines and sensationalizes its elements. This work is derived from my passion for the enigmatic and sublime, and from an exploration of metaphor, longing, and transcendence. "

Within Teresa Cox's paintings, macro plant imagery and invented, color-charged forms coalesce into surreal landscapes that play with memory, fantasy, and a desire to form new spaces while exploring our relationship to the natural world.

Cox thinks of her paintings as both elaborate studies and invented worlds compressed and informed by experiences in nature and a desire to express the richness and mystery of everyday life. Each painting contains ideas, shapes, and colors developed through both small daily observations and grand sweeping experiences in nature.

Teresa Cox has completed numerous public art installations, with her most recent sited across from the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. She is a 2018 recipient of an Artist Initiative Grant through the Minnesota State Arts Board and a Vermont Studio Fellowship for residency work, among others. Cox has exhibited her paintings and drawings throughout the USA and abroad. Her artwork is in public and private collections in the USA, Taiwan, Germany, and Australia.

Golden Galaxy
Acrylic Painting

$ 4,400
$ 3,740
Forest Pool
Acrylic Painting

$ 2,900
$ 2,465
Geo City
Acrylic Painting

$ 2,800
$ 2,380
Geo Garden
Acrylic Painting

$ 770
$ 654.50
Morning Horizon
Mixed-Media Painting

$ 300
$ 255
Green Cloud
Mixed-Media Drawing

$ 230
$ 195.50
Cosmic Pop
Acrylic Painting

$ 2,600
$ 2,210
Modernist Gold
Mixed-Media Painting

$ 1,990
$ 1,691.50
Botanic Pulse
Mixed-Media Painting

$ 2,900
$ 2,465
Soft Drop
Acrylic Painting

$ 4,050
$ 3,442.50
Little Geo
Acrylic Painting

$ 1,800
$ 1,530
Green Vase
Acrylic Painting

$ 3,600
$ 3,060
Galactic Garden
Acrylic Painting

$ 15,100
$ 12,835
Ripple Effect
Mixed-Media Drawing

$ 350
$ 297.50