Tana Acton

Tana Acton Designs

"My jewelry is clean, contemporary, ergonomic, and flexible. I use simple textile techniques, with each piece incorporating its own frame as a loom. The "thread" is precious metal wire of various gauges, often with stationary or sliding embellishments. The making of the pieces can be practically a meditation as the continuous filament of metal flows through the hands. "

Tana Acton was born to artist parents and began her career as an artist and entrepreneur at shows when just 16. An entire life of experimenting with the creation of artful objects ensued. Through her unique perspective as designer/choreographer, the artist learned to combine air, movement, and light to create pieces that are at once delicate and yet solid.

Each piece is made from one continuous length of precious metal wire, wrapped around the frame which acts as a loom but stays with the piece as framing The pieces may have kinetic elements strung onto the wire or housed within the structure. The hands are the main tools required.

Tana Acton earned an Antioch College BFA in painting and completed the Parsons School of Design Fashion Design program. In Florence, Italy, she studied goldsmithing with Japanese master Tomaso. She explored modern dance and graphic design, all of which culminated in a unique perspective in jewelry design. She has been creating this style of jewelry for over 20 years.

Kinetic Ring in Neutrals
Gold, Silver, Pearl & Stone Ring

$ 110
Kinetic Multi-Stone Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Rings

$ 112
Multi-Color Wave Cuff
Metal & Stone Bracelet

$ 218
Plaited Mix-Tone Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 168
Rainbow Circular Stone Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 168
Asymmetrical Plain Cuff
Gold & Silver Bracelet

$ 288
Labradorite Encrusted Ring
Gold, Silver & Stone Ring

$ 168
Pyrite Plaited Ring
Silver & Stone Ring

$ 164
Two-Tone Tangles Bracelet
Gold & Silver Bracelet

$ 232
Asymmetrical Cuff with Tubes
Gold & Silver Bracelet

$ 298
Mobius Cuff
Gold & Silver Cuff

$ 292
Kinetic Hoops with Onyx
Silver & Stone Earrings

$ 256
Labradorite Cuff
Silver & Stone Cuff`

$ 318
Black Spinel Plaited Tall Ring
Silver & Stone Ring

$ 158 - $ 168
DNA Earrings
Silver Earrings

$ 278
Faceted Onyx Cuff
Silver & Stone Bracelet

$ 330
Corset Ring
Gold & Silver Ring

$ 138
Kinetic Cuff with Ball Beads
Gold & Silver Bracelet

$ 214
Hoop Earrings
Gold & Silver Earrings

$ 262
Kinetic Ring
Gold & Silver Ring

$ 112
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
CityArts Dallas, Dallas , Texas, 2012