Tamar Navama

"My jewelry manipulates, reproduces, and highlights natural materials through traditional and technologically driven processes. "

Through her work, artist and jeweler Tamar Navama investigates textures, consumer culture, the value of materials and craft, and how material holds a memory.

Her jewelry creates visual tension and interest by juxtaposing different materials and techniques; for example, fine metals are paired with plastic casting and laser cutting. Though bold and three-dimensional, her pieces are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Originally from Israel, Navama received her BFA in fashion and jewelry from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem and her MFA in metalsmithing and jewelry from the University of North Texas. Her work has been exhibited internationally and featured in publications including the book "Cast" by Renee Zettle-Sterling and Jen Townsend.

Long Tail Earrings
Enameled Earrings

$ 110
Macro Bracelet
Enameled Bracelet

$ 180