Melissa Stiles


"I was trained as an architect and enjoy applying the industrial process and design sensibility to my jewelry."

Melissa Stiles has a degree in architecture and worked in the field for ten years before becoming a jewelry designer. As an architect, she was trained to dissect everything down to simple components and assess how they work together. She applies this same process to jewelry design. She enjoys focusing on the connections and functionality of every piece so that the beauty of the form is expressed.

Stiles blends together industrial fabrication and hand craft. She works in stainless steel, powder coating, and resin. Each piece is individually made with great thought given to color, balance, and design.

Melissa Stiles attended Penn State University and obtained her five-year professional degree in architecture. She worked as an architect before simultaneously starting her family and her career as a jewelry designer. She and her husband design together along with their two young daughters in Portland, Oregon.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Art in the Pearl , North Park Blocks, Portland, Oregon, 2011-2013
Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Cherry Creek , Denver, CO, 2010-2013
ACC Baltimore , Downtown Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, 2012
ACC Atlanta, Galleria, Atlanta, GA, 2012
BAM, Downtown Bellevue , Bellevue, WA, 2009-2013
Ferrous, Velvet da Vinci Gallery, San Francisco, CA, 2013