Natalya Sevastyanova


"Nature pleases and touches me, evoking a desire for solace and gratitude. By exploring and connecting with nature, I am compelled to deepen my understanding of who I am and reflect on my role and purpose in life. Being one with Mother Nature sets us free from all the onuses of life and allows us to concentrate on the energy that creates and nurtures the soul of every human being."

Natalya Sevastyanova's ceramic art reflects the elusive emotions she feels in response to nature. Her goal is to inspire viewers to look more carefully at the beauty of nature surrounding them and to discover beauty in unusual combinations. She wants the viewer to experience, even for just a moment, the sculpture's quietude, tranquility, and relationship with nature.

Sevastyanova uses only natural materials—porcelain, wood, and fire—to create her ceramic art. The unique surfaces of her porcelain sculptures are achieved during raku firings. Just as the porcelain speaks during its firings, so too does the wood, revealing the subtleties created through the hands of Mother Nature.

Natalya Sevastyanova received an MFA in architectural design from the Academy of Architecture and Arts in Russia. In 2015, she became a ceramic studio TA at Santa Monica College in California. She has shown her work in both solo and group exhibitions in Los Angeles. Her work is also represented in many private collections all over the world.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
LA Escaping Exhibition, Art Share L.A. Gallery, Los Angeles, CA , 2019
Nurture Nature Exhibit , LA-UP Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. USA, 2019
Elements and Energy, Pete & Susan Barrett Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. USA, 2016
Winter Juried Show, realArt Gallery, Agoura Hills, California, 2121
The Crow Show , The Studio Door, 3867 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, CA, 2020