Karen Scharer

Scharer Fine Art

"My paintings reflect my faith in imagination and intuition, and my passion for exploring and communicating the profound beauty of our world and the human experience. Through painting, my ideas and visions become tangible, providing a language to encourage, share, inspire, and uplift."

Painter Karen Scharer lives and works outside of Estes Park, Colorado, near Rocky Mountain National Park. Her studio is surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest, where the myriad colors and forms of nature and the joys and challenges of everyday life provide unending inspiration for her large, spontaneous, colorful abstract paintings.

Karen Scharer's paintings are not pre-planned. Each piece evolves as if it were a conversation between old friends...sometimes lighthearted and joyful, sometimes contentious or troubling. As a result, every painting is as individual as the moment in which it was created. Scharer works primarily in oil on canvas, but she also works in acrylic and on wood panels or paper.

Karen Scharer was born to artist parents and learned to draw and paint at an early age. Her formal art training has come from a wide variety of artists with whom she studied at private classes, in working studios, at workshops, and at the Art Student's League of Denver. Scharer believes that there is always more to learn and plans to continue to be a student of painting—for life.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Women's History Month Exhibition, Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park, Estes Park, CO, USA, 2010
Representation to Abstraction, Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park, Estes Park, CO, USA, 2010
National Art Encounter, Von Liebig Art Center, Naples, FL, USA, 2010
One Woman Show, Gallery 1, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO, USA, 2003
Artist's Magazine Annual Competiton (finalist), Artist Magazine, Cincinnati, OH, USA, 2008
BMW Corporation, Corporate Offices, Plano, TX, USA, 2007
Douglas County, Colorado, Douglas County Library, Castle Rock, CO, USA, 2006
Town of Castle Rock, Town Hall, Castle Rock, CO, USA, 2005
Dominion Exploration and Production, Inc., Corporate Offices, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2005
Red Rocks Distributing, Inc., Corporate Offices, Oklahoma City, OK, USA, 2004