Sandy Graves

"Emotion, movement, and beautiful composition are the elements which I infuse into each of my sculptures. A sense of whimsical fun is the first impression, followed by the power that bronze evokes and the energy of the negative spaces. These sculptures are certainly a reflection of my experiences and soul."

Sandy Graves is one with her art. Raised in rural Nebraska and living in the mountains of Colorado, she has been surrounded by her inspirations since childhood. Sandy has departed from the traditional classical sculpture in which she was trained to create her own stylized forms. Her sculpture is fresh and lively, resonating with her love for life and all the joys that it has to offer.

Each sculpture is first created in clay or wax. The sculptures are then deconstructed, molded, cast using the lost wax process, and rebuilt piece by piece. The complexity of the negative spaces and hollows within each of Sandy's sculptures stretches the boundaries of traditional bronze casting techniques. Sandy hand patinas every piece and bases them to create an individual landscape for each.

Sandy received her degree in fine art with a concentration in sculpture from Colorado State University in 1993. Her first sculpture created in her current style came out of experimentation during her university years. Throughout the next 16 years, she worked with youth, creating art and building the inspiration and techniques from which her current sculptures have grown.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Opening Show, Steamboat Art Museum, Steamboat, Colorado, USA, 2006
Sculpture in The Park, Benson Park, Loveland, Colorado, USA, 2009-2015
Uptown Columbus Artwalk, Columbus business district, Columbus, Georgia, USA, 2006
Society of Animal Arts 55th Exhibition, Roger Tory Peterson Museum, Jamestown,NY, 2015
Birds In Art, Leigh Yawkey Museum, Wasau , WI, 2016
Cotton 48" and Clementine 48", Benson Sculpture Park, Loveland, Colorado, USA, 2016
In Filght, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO, 2016