Mark Rosenbaum

Rosetree Glass Studio

"Glassblowing is much akin to a dance—the artist moves with respect and knowledge of the partner. The dance, when completed, yields a tangible work as a result of collaboration between artist and material."

Mark Rosenbaum's diverse background in glassblowing, glass casting, ceramics, and jewelry results in an exciting interpretation of the art of glass. Classical shapes, iridescent colors, and interior designs are combined to provide a unique approach to an ancient art.

Through forty years of glassblowing experience, Rosenbaum has gained an understanding of the dialogue that is established between artist and material. A lapse of concentration can ruin a piece, but a controlled flick of the wrist or light breath through the blowpipe can give a subtle curve or movement that makes the piece extraordinary. For Rosenbaum, it is this controlled spontaneity that makes glass so magical.

After receiving a BFA from the Tyler School of Art, Rosenbaum became the first recipient of an MFA in glassblowing from Tulane University. Awarded a grant by the Louisiana Division of the Arts, he established the first privately owned glassblowing studio in the state of Louisiana. His work is in the collections of Pilchuck Glass School, Tyler School of Art, and New Orleans Museum of Art.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
ACC Baltimore , Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD, 2015
American Handcrafted, Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2019, 2020
ACRE, Philadelphia Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2017, 2018
NY NOW , Javitts Convention Center, New York City, NY, USA, 2013, 2014, 2015