Romy & Clare

Romy Kissel and Clare Bies

"Nature, texture, and color inspire us both. In the spirit of fun and friendship, we like to mix these elements with a bit of whimsy to create artwork that can be enjoyed in everyday life. We want you to embellish your life and home with objects that inspire beauty, laughter, and fun while surrounded in the comfort of family and friends."

Beginning with a rich vibrant color palette and a variety of artistic techniques, Romy and Clare like to express their love of nature with the use of bold graphic designs and textures. They enjoy pushing the boundaries of ceramic glazes, material combinations, and incorporation of both ceramic and mosaic techniques to create unique and beautiful mixed-media works of art.

Romy and Clare begin with a simple slab of stoneware clay upon which they stamp, press, and hand-carve. After bisque firing, they apply a colorful palette of glazes and raku fire. They then embellish the tile with semiprecious stones and grout for a mosaic effect. At times using vintage framing materials, they create unique works of art through these often slow and unpredictable processes.

Long before their art education at Herron School of Art and Depauw University respectively, Romy and Clare played together as children with mud, paint, flowers, cats and colorful chickens. In a century's old grainery, deep in the farm fields of their Indiana hometown, they happily continue to explore their world with an unquenchable curiosity collaboratively evolving their designs.

First Flower
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 170
Vine Vessel
Ceramic Vase

$ 490
Red Vine
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 170
Global Folk Sticks
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 640
Peacock Perch
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 2,960
Global Folk Square Tiles
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 1,580
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Cherokee Triangle Art Fair, Cherokee Triangle Historic District, Louisville, KY, 2014
Summerfair, Coney Island, Cincinatti, OH, 2014
Artist Exhibit / Solo Show, Krempp Gallery, Jasper, IN, 2012
Jasper Community Arts, Visual Art Committee Members' Show, Krempp Gallery, Jasper, IN, 2016-2019
One of a Kind Show, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL, 2013
Atlanta Wholesale Gift Market, Merchandise Mart, Atlanta, GA, 2008
Chicago Botanic Garden Art Festival, Chicago Botanic Garden, Chicago, IL, 2013
Installation, Dubois, Indiana Public Library, Dubois, Indiana, 2012
Installation, Ferdinand, IN Public Library, Ferdinand, IN, 2011
Installation, Decca Restaurant, Louisville, KY, 2012