Peter Harrison

"I am obsessed with living environments. I build furniture in which beauty is as important as function. Too often, furniture is viewed as primarily functional, when in reality, it is used no differently than a sculpture. I build furniture that is distinctive, furniture that doesn't blend into the background, furniture that stands out for its beauty and uniqueness."

Peter Harrison grew up in New York City and studied woodworking and furniture design before opening his own studio. He now works in a small mountaintop town.

Harrison's contemporary furniture is meticulously crafted out of select domestic and exotic woods and veneers, including mahogany, wenge, and maple. Ultra-strong mortise and tenon joints ensure that the construction will be as timeless as the design. Concrete and aluminum are also incorporated into many of his pieces.

Some of Harrison's work is available with his signature pencil designs, which range from subtle Xs to bold, undulating waves. The pencil is sealed with lacquer for a durable, smudge-proof, maintenance-free finish.