Nancy Koenigsberg

"I am exploring the contradiction between the strength and durability of metal elements and the delicacy created by weaving or knotting these elements together. "

To create her work, Nancy Koenigsberg begins with narrow-gauge strands of copper or steel, then weaves or knots the wire into rectangular sheets of open mesh. She then manipulates or combines these airy metal sheets into shapes that project or flow into three-dimensional space.

Each work of art has its own character. In some pieces, the crossing wires form neat lattices, and in others, the wires tangle or loop together. Sometimes, metal sheets are joined together to create larger sculptures, and other times, they are folded and gathered to make smaller works. Some pieces are embellished with beads or foil.

While in high school, Koenigsberg studied sculpture with Rafael Sabatini at Tyler School of Art, and in college, she studied painting with Richard Lahey at Corcoran School of Art. Further studies include New School of Social Work with Gayle Wimmer and summer programs at Skidmore College with Lewis Knauss. She also worked with Jason Pollen and Sheila Hicks and completed years of self-taught study.

Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 3,000
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 4,125
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 1,800
Red Tangle
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 950
Shooting Star
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 600
Denver 13
Metal Wall Sculpture

$ 2,200
City Nights
Metal Sculpture

$ 2,500
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
A Fine Line, Greenwhich, CT, USA, Flinn Gallery, 2013
Wire Transference, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Philadelphia University, 2012
13th International Triennial of Tapestry, Lodz, Poland, Central Museum of Textiles, 2010
Nancy Koenigsberg Solo Exhibition, New York, NY, USA, Zabriskie Gallery, 2006
Nancy Koenigsberg Solo Exhibition, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Museum of Contemporary Art, University of Sao Paulo, 1992