Moshe Bursuker

"High quality glass art is a compilation of art, design, and craftsmanship. When all three come together as one, a masterpiece is created. This is what I strive to achieve with every piece I create."

Moshe Bersuker has studied at the Pilchuck Glass School and the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass, learning traditional glassblowing techniques from many of the modern glass masters. His work is known for its combination of tall sinuous form with distinctive color technique. With each piece, he layers transparent color to create intricate pattern and vibrant color design. The clear solid feet add lift and elegance, creating a sense of monumental scale.

Bursuker's work refers to traditional glassblowing techniques with the added twist of modern methodology and contemporary esthetics. The complexity of color, form, and monumental size creates a powerful statement of craftsmanship and design.