Molly Mason

"I strive to create a sense of a private, intimate space within a larger, more public environment."

Stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, and copper are Molly Mason's recent choices of media because of their elegance, energy, and expressive freedom. She has also developed a process for baking permanent color onto metal. This transparent color process, unique to her sculpture, allows the "drawing" she does on metal surfaces to glow through the colors. The sculptures appear to emit their own light, creating an original beauty, sensuality, and spirituality.

Mason's monumental structures reflect the strong influence of her travels in Japan. Often installed in outdoor spaces, movement of the changing light of day and the seasons transform the colors of her sculptures from brilliant to subtle.

Mason received a BFA and MFA from University of Iowa School of Art and Art History. Her work has appeared in numerous solo exhibits and curated group shows, and can be found in over 100 public, corporate, and private collections in the USA and abroad. She has received a number of fellowships, grants, and awards for her work, including a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship to study form and space in Japanese gardens.