Michele Hardy

"My art is informed by the colors, textures, and structures found in raw and polished rocks and other natural forms. The combination of organic lines and structured grids was inspired by maps, aerial views, and both macro- and microscopic geological features. My works can be interpreted as landscapes, cross-sections, and maps, or they can be viewed as purely abstract forms—viewers can make their own associations. "

Michele Hardy rediscovered the pleasure of working with fabric after leaving a career as an oil exploration geophysicist. Since the mid-1990s, she has focused on mixed-media fiber art, incorporating surface design, stitching, and embroidery techniques into a personalized approach to creating images in textile assemblage. Vibrant color, texture, and graphic appeal are all important energies in her images. A lifelong love of geology and nature inspires her and supplies an unlimited palette of ideas.

Hardy's technique is a combination of fiber collage, surface design, and stitching. Spontaneity is an important aspect of her creative process. She uses a variety of dyed and painted fabrics, many of which are transformed by extensive printing and stitching prior to construction. She typically constructs a background, arranges and layers images in paint and thread, then adds additional machine stitching to complete the piece.

Originally from New England, Hardy lived in California, Texas, and Louisiana before relocating to Colorado, where the scenery provides constant inspiration. Her work has been featured in national exhibits, received numerous awards, and appeared in a variety of publications. Her art can be found in public, corporate, and private collections throughout North America, including the State of Louisiana's Claiborne Collection, and the U.S. State Department's Art in Embassies program.