Michal Golan

"My love of mosaics results from a deep fascination with archaeology and ancient civilizations, especially in the use of symbols and hieroglyphics. "

Michal Golan's work with mosaics has been a formative and important part of her art for the past ten years. She finds the ways that cultures build on each other, physically creating unique layers, to be a rich source of inspiration. Growing up in Israel, a region with incredible archaeological depth and diversity, Golan was constantly exposed to and amazed by the many ways that different cultures gradually grew and diminished, leaving behind the physical evidence of their presence. She is also inspired by the visual richness that she encounters in her everyday life.

For Golan, one of the most gratifying aspects of working in mosaic is the use of clay. In her mosaic work, she is constantly driven by the versatility and friendliness of clay as a medium. Beyond its artistic facility, Golan also fell in love with clay because it is uniquely able to balance a strong link to the past with a fresh, contemporary look.

Michal Golan was born in Haifa, Israel. Her parents were both scientists, but she always loved art. After finishing high school, Golan moved to the USA with her father and attended the University of Maryland, where she earned a bachelor's degree in graphic art. She went on to receive an master's degree in studio art from New York University, where she focused on abstract painting and printmaking.

Evil Eye Mosaic
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 5,800
$ 4,930
Lines and Circles
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 8,600
$ 7,310
Day of the Dead 2
Ceramic Sculpture

$ 7,800
$ 6,630
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 3,400
$ 2,890
Burial Ground
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 9,400
$ 7,990
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 4,200
$ 3,570
Women's Figure
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 8,500
$ 7,225
Day of the Dead
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 7,800
$ 6,630
Black & White
Ceramic Wall Sculpture

$ 12,100
$ 10,285
Selected Exhibitions & Awards