Michael Solomon

"My work has evolved from mosaic-bordered mirrors to mixed-media paintings that give the viewer the sense that they are looking into a glass painting. "

To create his mixed-media paintings, Michael Solomon layers acrylic paint, pigments, beach glass, mirror chips, mica, and metallics in resin. He compares this delicate process to cooking with hot peppers: in any given moment, he could ruin the piece by burying the beauty he already created. But with the skill and experience gained over the years, he has become adept at perfectly "seasoning" his pieces to make their beauty shine.

Solomon's completed works of art dance and sparkle with shifting light, often reminding viewers of aerial photographs over vast areas of sea, mountains, and land.

Solomon is a self-taught artist. His work evolved from a hobby and became a full-time gig in 2002. At the end of 2016, he shipped his last mosaic mirror and began to focus entirely on mixed-media art for the wall.

Aquatic Slope
Mixed-Media Painting

$ 3,600
Another Planet
Mixed-Media Painting

$ 3,600
Golden Energy
Glass & Acrylic Painting

$ 2,800
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
ACC wholesale retail , Baltimore,MD, baltimore convention center , 2010
Winter Park , Winter Park, FL , Winter Park , 2009
Virginia Beach Boardwalk Art Show , Virginia Beach, VA , VB, 2010
Boston Mills , Penninsular, OH, Penninsular , 2010
State College Sidewalk Art Sale , State College, PA, State College, 2009, 2010