Melissa Leaym-Fernandez

"My work is bold, vibrant and uplifting. I use color as a tool to inspire the imagination and provoke conversation--at first glance my paintings seem whimsical and fun (and they are!) but they also hold a powerful, understated commentary on the environment"

As a painter, Leaym-Fernandez has yet to tire of the incredible pachyderm. Inspired by its shape, form, wrinkles and diverse collection of personalities she has been inspire for years by these magnificent animals. She has studied elephants for years in the US as well as London, England. Now her work is expanding to include the complex textures of other endangered animals from the world. Bringing to life on the canvas the contemporary richness of endangered species is what powerfully motivates this master painter!

Leaym-Fernandez paints oil on hand made custom canvases. Each stretcher is built by a local crafts man in Michigan. The artist then stretches raw canvas, prepares that canvas and then paints energetically. Her goal is to have vibrant paintings that inspire every time. All prints are then made from these original paintings. She uses the Giclee process to make each print, which is then signed and numbered, by the artist for each client. Each print is on mould-made paper by Arjo Wiggins, it is 100p cotton rag, neutral PH with a semi-rough texture.

Leaym-Fernandez has a plethora of art education and experiences including a BFA and a BS in Art Education from the University of Michigan-Flint. She also has a Master degree in Art Education. She has studied the biology and personality of the elephants at several places in the USA, Canada and England. Knowing the importance of Art Education she recently taught Art for 3 weeks in India. Elephants and the environment have always intrigued the artist and she is not bored with them yet.

Skin #4
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,700
Skin Series #5
Watercolor Painting

$ 1,700
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Edification by Color, Flint MI , University of MIchigan-Flint, 2008
Gifts of Art, Ann Arbor MI, University of MIchigan Hospital, 2008
Artist of the Month, Sterling Height MI, Sterling Heights City Hall, 2008
One woman show, Ann Arbor MI, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals , 2008
One woman show, Port Huron MI, Gallery 1219, 2006
911 Memorial St Clair County Community College, Port Huron MI, St Clair County Community College, 2006
The Wonder of Nature, Roscommon MI, Kirkland Community COllege, 2002
Women In The Arts Today, Port Huron MI, St Clair County Community College, 2002
The Bindu Art School, , Tamil Nadu, India, India, 2009
The City of Port Huron, Port Huron MI, Port Huron MI, 2007