Meg Little

"The work reflects the hand."

A question often asked about Meg Little's work is: "Do I put it on the floor or on the wall." Despite her fine arts background, Little shrugs off the labels of utility vs. decoration. Her one-of-a-kind hand-tufted rugs are part of the long tradition which creates a celebration of the everyday, marrying beauty to functionality in what may be the ultimate luxury of art.
Meg Little has won accolades, awards, and national media attention over the past two decades. Justly praised for her powerful, sensuous use of color, she has recently broken through to a new level with the complexity and depth of her patterns. Little is also one of the rare textile artists who design and make each rug themselves. "The work reflects the hand," she believes. And through her hands, the age-old languages of color and symbol appear new again.
Blue Norther
Wool Rug

$ 3,840
Wool Rug

$ 2,400 - $ 3,840
Wool Rug

$ 2,400