Matt Lively

"I am a fan of old phones and phone tables. I know someone is really listening to me if they are talking to me on one. I wish everyone had an old phone and a phone table"

In Matt Lively's paintings, there is a suggestion of implied movement, a sense that things have been displaced. The movement could be as obvious as fluttering Beecycles or could be depicted by remnants left by someone who has gone away. The paintings playfully represent a less hectic time where the minutes go by so slow that normally stagnant objects seem to be moving.

As Lively creates each painting, objects become iconic symbols. Chairs are the main characters, windows are the portals through which all can escape or enter, tables are the focal point and gathering area for the chairs, telephones indicate the changing of moods as calls are received or not received. The Beecycles' frantically flapping movement breathes life into the slow-paced setting of the paintings.

Matt Lively graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1993.

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