Mary Johnston

Mary Johnston Studio

"A soft breeze, magnificent sky, cool water...these are all elements that drive my creativity, along with the light touch of a paintbrush, feelings of peace, and a sense of place. As a child growing up on Lake Superior, I was surrounded by a beautiful landscape of water, woods, and rocks, as well as a sense that everything around us is so much larger and more mysterious then we will ever comprehend. "

Mary Johnston creates artwork that is not only peaceful and serene, but also full of color and light. There is much movement in her expressionistic work, whether it be the passing of time, clouds moving through the sky, or a ripple on the water. Johnston finds inspiration in both travel experiences and everyday scenes, such as a quick moment of the setting sun.

All works are created using oils on either stretched canvas or birch panels. Most of her canvases are prepared using a sand texture, which gives the finished painting a unique soft look. Some pieces are created using photos as references, but most images Johnston paints are imagined by the artist and created with complementary colors.

Johnston has been working in the art field for many years, first as a water-colorist doing classic works of flowers, landscapes, and buildings. A fascination with the techniques of faux painting led to a five-year career doing faux work. A move in 2003 led her back to studio work, but this time in oils. She has studied at times with other artists; however, she is mostly self taught in oil painting.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Art Expo NYC, Pier 90, New York, NY, 2019
Art San Diego, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA, 2019
One of a Kind Show, Chicago, Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL, 2020