Marlene Sanaye Yamada

"I celebrate freedom of spirit through the purity of color and brush strokes, light and movement."

Each painting by Marlene Sanaye Yamada immediately sets a mood or conveys an emotion. Full of intriguing details and surprises, the artist hopes to stir your emotions, lift your spirits, take you on your own private journey, and inspire what matters to you most.

Sanaye begins each painting by creating underlying textures, and then builds up multiple translucent, watery layers to produce unexpected results. This element of chance makes each painting truly unique. Sanaye often views her painting process as analogous to life -- learning and celebrating the unexpected surprises.

Marlene Sanaye Yamada is predominantly self-taught.

Paintings & Drawings Acrylic Paintings

$ 3,200
Adrift V
Acrylic Painting

$ 2,500
Transitions 2
Acrylic Painting

$ 7,700
Enchanted Eve
Acrylic Painting

$ 2,500
Acrylic Painting

$ 3,200
Acrylic Painting

$ 3,600
Acrylic Painting

$ 3,800
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
South Bay Focus, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA, USA, 2010
Affaire in the Gardens Art Show, Beverly Gardens, Beverly Hills, CA, USA, 2008 - 2010
Southern Exposure II, Cultural Arts Center, Manhattan Beach, CA, USA, 2010
Art Rental and Sales Gallery, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 2008 - 2010
Malibu Arts Festival, Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Malibu, CA, USA, 2006
Laws of Nature, DLA Piper, Tampa, FL, USA, 2008