Marian Davis

"Brush in hand and the freedom of my imagination—can't get much better than that."

A move back to the sunshine of Colorado from the East Coast led to a long-held desire to transition from the realism of botanical art and illustration to the world of using one's imagination to create. Starting with a blank canvas and finishing with a work encompassing blended color, texture, pattern, and detail is a mental and artistic challenge.

Starting with a general idea of a color palette, Marian Davis applies loose, whimsical markings with charcoal and brushes. Blending and layering color around the canvas with different size brushes and scrapers leads to purposeful and accidental areas of interest to build upon. Acrylic paint, ink, charcoal, and texture building are brought together to add detail and pattern.

A decorative painting business was followed by formal classes in graphite botanical art and illustration in watercolor. Eventually, Marian Davis taught botanical art at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. Presently, she is a member of the Art Student's League of Denver. She studied acrylic abstract art technique and oil pastel under several professional art instructors and frequently engages in critique workshops and art classes.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Denver Design Week, Colorado, Denver, 2020
Louisville International Art Exhibit, Louisville , Louisville,Colorado, 2019
Contributing Artist Exhibiton, SYNC Gallery, Denver, 2020
NinedotArt for Denver ERC , Denver, Denver,Colrado, 2019