Marcie Jan Bronstein

"Above all, I work to create personal images that I feel are evocative, poetic, and thought-provoking."

Marcie Jan Bronstein takes photographs that act as mysterious points of departure for meditative imagery. Her photographic prints, often enhanced with invented color, are whimsical, painterly, and, in the words of one critic, "filled with a sense of power and a tranquil still-life vision." Much of her work reflects her fascination with negatives and their ability to evoke memory and invisible energies.

While Bronstein's background is filled with many years of work in the traditional darkroom, she now works exclusively in the digital darkroom. Digital prints are created in the computer: both film-based and digitally captured images are scanned, then selectively "toned" and "painted" to create images.

Bronstein is a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology (painting and sculpture) and Hampshire College (filmmaking and photography). Known for her unique painted images and work with the photographic negative, Bronstein has been exhibiting and publishing her work for more than 30 years. Since 1996, she has lived and worked in a reconstructed barn on the coast of Maine.