Lynn Cornelius

"My work reflects my interest in what occurs when real and imagined places intersect, where manmade landscapes meet natural ones, and where the interior places in our psyches are made visible. I'm interested in creating art that reflects the richness of the colors and textures of inner experience."

Lynn Cornelius explores the nature of home as both an interior and exterior experience. She interprets "home" as many things: the physical body; the interior world of thoughts, emotions, and sensations; the structures in which we live; and the larger community of the planet. In playing with scale, Cornelius considers our proximity to and distance from ideas as well as the inside/outside experience of being human.

Lynn Cornelius works with silk, wool, cotton, and bamboo yarn that she hand dyes before weaving. Her tapestry technique is a slow-paced, architectural building of cloth, and each piece can take months to complete. She takes a uniquely improvisational approach to this ancient medium, experimenting with combinations of textures and materials, including the contrast between soft cloth and hard steel structures.

Lynn Cornelius earned her MFA degree in fibers from Colorado State University. She has been weaving since the mid-1990s. She focuses on creating a contemporary approach to the traditional technique of tapestry weaving. She is also interested in warp-painted weaving with dyes. Her work is exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally. Cornelius has taught art at the college level for over ten years.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
National Fiber Directions Exhibition 2015, Wichita, Kansas, Wichita Center for the Arts, 2015
Scythia 10: Contemporary Fiber Biennial, Ukraine, Scythia Gallery, 2014
New Fibers 2014, Ypsilanti, Michigan, Eastern Michigan University Gallery, 2014
Contemporary FIber Art Invitational, Denver, Colorado, Helikon Gallery, 2014
Northern Colorado Invitational, Fort Collins, Colorado, Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, 2014
Threads of Change: Colorado Textiles Now, Golden, Colorado, Foothills Art Center, 2013