Luke Proctor

"I hand hammer all of my work. The exchange of energy through myself to each piece when hammering hot metal is one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had."

Growing up in the rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin, Luke Proctor was heavily influenced by nature and his surroundings. It comes through in the floral motifs of his work--from the ginkgo and aspen leaves to the heavy texture of his pieces. The architecture of Frank Loyd Wright has also influenced his work.

Proctor hand forges metal to create beautiful and functional works of art. He relies on traditional blacksmithing techniques, using hammers and his anvil to create most of his work. In addition to traditional tools, he also uses modern tools such as the fifty-pound Little Giant trip hammer, MIG welder, torches, drill presses, and electric saws.

In 2001, Proctor began attending the welding program at the Madison Area Technical College in Wisconsin. One of his instructors knew of an artist-blacksmith in the area who had previously accepted apprentices. He agreed to have Proctor work as an apprentice part time. In 2003, he graduated from the MATC welding program and began his apprenticeship full time, finishing in 2005. He followed this with production forging until 2007, and currently works full time as an artist.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Amercan Craft Council, Baltimore Convention Center, Balitmore, 2009
Amercan Craft Council, River Center, St. Paul, MN., 2009