Linda Bernasconi

"Weaving metal perfectly marries my desire for beauty, function and cleanliness of design. "

As a long-time talent agent, Linda Bernasconi promoted and fostered the artistry and talents of others, but was frustrated with the lack of a creative outlet for her own personal expression. This is when she discovered metalwork.

She is inspired by the raw beauty of the metal, the strength that is inherent in its composition and its ability to be manipulated into alluring form. Weaving is an age-old technique that she has applied to make the most modern and contemporary jewelry designs. Her work is hand-fabricated and hand-woven. Building upon a constructed framework, she weaves with 22k gold, fine silver and other pure metals such as palladium and platinum.

Linda Bernasconi's training has been non-traditional and varied. She has studied at Revere Academy, as well as other highly regarded institutes of education, learning from some of the masters in her field. Bernasconi's work has been featured in galleries across the country, as well as high-end fine art fairs. Notably, in 2008, she was named an "emerging artist" by the American Craft Exposition.