Liaung Chung Yen

"By using metaphor in my design, I think of my jewelry as expressions of the mind as well as small sculptures documenting the times and emotions in which I live."

Liaung Chung Yen was born and raised in Taiwan, and his jewelry is greatly influenced by Chinese art and culture. Yen's work also explores sculptural form in jewelry through linear elements and hollow construction. The wire forms and structures require countless solder points, creating strength and durability in what appears to be fragile and delicate art jewelry.

Yen draws inspiration from structures found in nature, landscapes, and architecture. He primarily works with 18k gold, sterling silver, and precious stones using traditional metalsmithing techniques such as fabrication, forming, fusing, soldering, and stone setting.

Yen received an MFA in metals and jewelry at Savannah College of Art and Design. Prior to this, he studied industrial art at the National Taiwan University of Arts. He is a former visiting assistant professor in the metals and jewelry design department at The School for American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology. He founded Liaung Chung Yen Designs in 2008 and established himself as a creative jewelry artist with leading craft and art galleries across the USA.