Leslie W. Friedman

Redfish Studio

"My fused glass art is a study in nature. I strive to create impressionistic images by layering richly colored and textured glass. I find comfort in the beauty of nature and feel that it brings calmness to me in our frenetic world. I hope to share that beauty and peacefulness in every glass piece I create. "

Leslie Friedman grew up surrounded by an artistic family. Her passion for glass has evolved from earlier efforts in other artistic media. Working primarily in kiln-fired glass, she creates art in a range of styles, from contemporary graphics to landscape designs. Glass allows her the flexibility to create everything from bold, expressive splashes of color to more muted, naturalistic hues.

Each fused glass piece begins with a simple thought or sketch and evolves through the layering of textured and colored glass to become a finished work of art. After a few high-temperature kiln firings, all of the glass layers fuse together to complete the final image. Frequently, the final heating lends an element of unpredictability, which often enhances the original design. The results are mesmerizing!

Leslie Friedman graduated from TexasTech University with a BFA in design. Having worked in the corporate design world for twenty-two years, Friedman retired to begin exploring the amazing world of glass. She studied glass at a university in California and has continued her education in advanced glass with many artists throughout the United States. She has been working in the medium of glass for fifteen years.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Mayors Choice Award, Art on the Greene, Arlington, TX, 2012
Award for Excellence, Webster Art Festival, St Louis, MO, 2017
Best of Show 2016-FWCAC Biennial , Ft Worth Community Arts Center, Ft Worth, TX, 2016
2016 Niche Awards Finalist, Washington, DC Convention Center, Washington, DC, 2016
Best of Show in Glass, Webster Art and Air , St Louis, MO, 2013