Laurie Vaughn

"I paint classic abstract expressionism (influenced by the New York School "action painters") and figurative expressionist paintings (that reflect the CoBrA art movement idiom). Often, my imagery is overlaid with metaphorical, allegorical or satirical, social, and political commentary, depicted in a narrative format."

Painter Laurie Vaughn emphasizes the creation of original abstract expressionist paintings on canvas, and mixed media works on paper, which primarily feature figurative expressionism as imagery, and are defined as her own "afro expressionist" genre. Currently, Vaughn is involved in the digital re-imaging of her original paintings to create limited edition giclee prints, allowing the artist to diversify imagery and offer smaller sizes of her work.

Abstract expressionism is best realized when the work comes directly from the subconscious to the support in a spontaneous transmutation that takes place with very little direct thinking on the part of the artist. The artist concentrates on getting into a state of "readiness," vaguely conceptualizing the colors and brushstrokes needed to execute the work. After setting up the desired assortment of materials, the actual initial "laying down of the painting" is an immediate and definitive process, which occurs within moments, during which time the artist is oblivious to what she is creating.

It is in the process of stepping back to view the initial effort that Vaughn is able to perceive the potential for development into a narrative commentary. Vaughn studies the work to be able to execute each additional brushstroke, in order to impart definition and the full realization of the painting, while still maintaining its look of absolute spontaneity.

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Greenhouse Effect
Acrylic Painting

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