Lynn Latimer

Latimer Glass Studio

"I am very interested in line quality and detail, how the glass moves, and how to draw with these elements in the design process. If I have done my job right, the glass draws you in and offers a deeply satisfying, visceral experience. "

Lynn Latimer has always had a love for drawing and color. She has found inspiration in the paintings of Paul Klee and Pierre Bonnard, primitive art, the subtle color shifts in hand-knotted rugs and old textiles, as well as the aesthetics of Japanese gardens and wabi-sabi. Her contemporary freestanding glass panels bring color and light into a room and are enlivening and joyful.

Latimer's fused glass panels are made of multiple layers of translucent colored glass that are cut from sheets, composed, and fused together in a special glass kiln. Layering is used to build a rich yet subtle palette of color and an intricate rhythm of line and pattern. The pieces are interwoven and positioned into a complex three-dimensional puzzle. Heat and gravity then come into play, transforming and moving the composition into place. Another characteristic element in Latimer's work is the use of iridized glass, which has a thin translucent metallic coating on the surface—a veil-like patina visible in reflected light.

Lynn Latimer graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1975 with a BFA in painting. She began working with glass at RISD as an independent study, exploring stained glass under the guidance of Dale Chihuly, who was then the head of the RISD glass department. Chris VanAllsberg, a graduate student at the time, introduced Latimer to sandblasting glass, which continues to be an important element in her work. She started Latimer Glass Studio in 1976 and has been working in glass for over thirty years.

Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Niche Award fused glass, Baltimore, MD , 1998, 2000, 2005
ACC Baltimore , Baltimore, MD , 2009
Paradise City Arts, Northampton, Ma , 2007
Paradise City Arts, Marlborough, MA , 2007
Craft Boston, World Trade Center, Boston MA, 2011