Kerry Vesper

"I am intrigued by forms that are asymmetrical and flowing. In each piece, I strive to capture the flow and movement of nature that I find in flowing water, desert canyons, and mountains."

Kerry Vesper approaches every wood piece he makes as a piece of sculpture. Inspiration comes from his home in the landscapes of the desert Southwest. He equates his methods of layering and then shaping wood to the way nature builds up layers of earth and then shapes it with wind and water.

Vesper cuts out layers of plywood and solid woods. He stacks and glues them together to approximate the shape he intends to create. His work is not turned on a lathe. He shapes each piece by hand with carving, grinding, and sanding tools and finishes them with a clear tung oil varnish. The color, texture, and feel of wood appeals to the artist as does no other medium.


Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 5,250
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 4,450 - $ 5,450
Small Arch Table
Wood Side Table

$ 2,900 - $ 3,300
Philadelphia Wave
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 6,850 - $ 7,050
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 5,850 - $ 7,050
Arched Console
Wood Console Table

$ 4,750
Small Arch End Table
Wood Side Table

$ 3,300
Red Clef
Wood Wall Art

$ 4,650
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 6,250
Small Flash on Metal Base
Wood Sculpture

$ 5,050 - $ 5,100
Flash Butterfly
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 10,300
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 5,450 - $ 7,050
Chatham Heart
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 6,500
El Toro
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 11,300
Birch Heart
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 2,400
Wood Sculpture

$ 7,450
Light Wave
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 5,450
Ritz Wave
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 5,850
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 5,050
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 7,000
Wood Wall Sculpture

$ 4,650
Selected Exhibitions & Awards
Philadelphia Museum Craft Show, Philadelphia, PA, 2007
American Craft Council Show, Baltimore, MD, 2005-2007
American Craft Council Show, San Francisco, CA, 2004-2007
Sausalito Art Festival, Sausalito, CA, 2001-2007
Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishings Show, Philadelphia, PA, 2003-2005
Southwest Biennial, New Mexico Museum of Art, New Mexico, 2009