Kathleen Ash

Kathleen Ash / Studio K

"It is the goal of my design life to create work with a functional reference that will have as much integrity in fifty years as it might have had fifty years ago."

Always intrigued by the process, Kathleen Ash enjoys the technical challenges of working with glass. Designing work that is clean, unselfconscious, and often humorous, she creates pieces that possess both aesthetic and functional value.

Ash utilizes a technique that predates the age of Cleopatra. Hundreds of pieces of glass called tesserae are arranged and then heated in a kiln until all are fused together in a single, beautiful form.

Intending to be a medical illustrator while at university, Ash was won over to glass in the early 1980s, and she worked for several years with the glass artist Susan Stinsmuehlen before starting on her own in 1988.

Pipe Dreams Sink
Art Glass Sink

$ 2,400
Pipe Dreams Sconce
Art Glass Sconce

$ 625
Band Sconce
Art Glass Sconce

$ 580
UR Here Platter
Art Glass Platter

$ 280 - $ 455
Spyware - Large Oval
Art Glass Platter

$ 420
Art Glass Bowl

$ 75 - $ 420
U R Here
Art Glass Bowl

$ 2,200
Window Heart
Art Glass Bowl

$ 2,150