Katherine Greene

"My paintings are a journey to an unknown place. Each piece starts as a puzzle or a mystery, with intriguing paths to follow. There is no plan; I don't always know where I am going. As I listen to my inner voice, I begin to discover what is not visible. "

Katherine Greene's process involves nonjudgmental observation and serves to create a distance from the work. Each painting is created methodically, layer by layer, and each layer determines what will come next. She uses color, texture, and marks in an experimental way. Space is part of the overall design in her work. She includes space both as energy and as emptiness in order to create a whole that is more than a sum of its parts. The paintings continue to the edges and beyond, creating a window into the unknown. As in meditation, there is a pause between the in and out breath. This is the space—a moment of stillness.

Greene was first inspired by the conventions of traditional Japanese painting, especially the way they use space in design. She is also influenced by the abstract expressionists' focus on the importance of process. Her work is a combination of action painting and color field painting. While Greene's art is about growth and self-discovery, her paintings have a life of their own, as she seeks a balance between trying to control and letting it just happen. She hopes that her paintings stir viewers' emotions, lift their spirits, and take them on their own personal journey.

Katherine Greene received a BA in art history and sociology from Humboldt State University. Her work is included in the corporate collections at HDR Engineering, The Lodge at Sonoma, McWilliams Ballard Law Offices in Washington, DC, and Mandarin Oriental Hotels. In addition, Greene has placed her work with numerous private collectors in the USA and Europe.